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Sports and leisure time

Locations to visit and list of activities to do during Your journey at
Villaggio Turistico Sole e Mare

Looking down from the peak of Monte Capanne (1.019 metres) not only the breathtaking view of the entire island, along with that of the Tuscan coastline, of all the islands of the Archipelago and Corsica lie before you, but also, on a clear day, that of the distant Sardinia.
For those who wish to admire the views on foot or by mountain-bike there is an alternative route across the peaks that goes right across the island.

For the holiday makers who wish to know more about the history of the Etruscans who mined the minerals on the island to forge their weapons there are guided tours of the ancient iron mines.
There are also mini cruises around the island and also to the Islands of Capraia and Giglio.
Those who opt for the Island of Pianosa, famous for its maximum security prison, now closed, can choose a tour of the island with a visit to the prison cells.
In different parts of the Island it is possible to admire the sea bed with all its hidden beauty sitting comfortably on a glass bottom boat.

There are several places of historical and archeological interest near the camp-site:

- The Volterraio Castle (XI century)
- The Ruins of Grassera with the Romanesque Church of Saint Quirico (XII century)
- The Saint Caterina of Alessandria Sanctuary (XVII century)
- Mount Grosso with the seats of the naval sightings
- The Mount Giove Tower dating back to the 1400s
- The wash-houses in Rio nell’Elba

and also:

- L’Orto dei Semplici - history and variety of plants and flowers, at 4 km
- Museo dei Minerali - history and variety of minerals and excursions to the mines tapped in Etruscan times - at 5 km
- Golf - at 7 km
- Thermal baths of San Giovanni - famous for specific therapies and mudbath treatments - at 14 km
- On Napoleon's steps: Villa dei Mulini at Portoferraio and Museo Napoleonico at San Martino at 15 km

And for the reckless one... paths for Trekking and Mountain Bike, and cliffy rocks for Free Climbing. can be practised in the near crystal waters. The biggest tuna in the photo weighed 240 kg and was 2,50 m long.
These tuna fish were caught by campers, quite near to the shoreline.

Inland typical Elban specialities can be found, such as our mushrooms, our famous “Aleatico” wine and our “Schiaccia Briaca” cake.